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By The Riverside

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Once you receive your package, everything you need to start and complete your painting will be included for you.

Each pack comes with all the colours that you need (each colour is numbered so you can match it against the canvas), 3 brushes and a fully framed canvas.
Choose the colour that you want to work with first, open the paint pot, locate the number of your pain on the canvas and start painting - its that easy :)

Do not pressure your self to make it perfect - no painting ever is and that is exactly what makes it - PERFECT.
Do not worry if you go over the lines - this is absolutely fine.

REMINDER - make sure you do not leave your paint pots opened for a prolonged time as just like with anything else - it may dry out. Once you are finished painting the choosen colour, make sure you close it properly and move on to the next colour.
BRUSH CARE - always be gentle with your brushes - wash them gently after each colour and let them dry or you can dry them with a paper towel - do not apply pressure if you are rubbing your brushes while washing them - just squeeze them few time under running water.
Once finished, hang your canvas on your wall - be proud of your achievement (wall hanging hook is included with your canvas).

If possible, play some music in the background - enjoy the moment!