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NEW SIZE, NEW LOOK, SAME GREAT FORMULA WITH AN EVEN BETTER PRICE TAG!The Lover Bath Soak is made with Pure Essential Oils to aid in unconditional Self Love, Confidence & Trust! This soak encourages Honesty, Love & Forgiveness. This oil will leave you feeling Loved, Confident & Calm! This is the perfect bath soak for The Lover! Designed to spoil you & nourish your senses With Rich Essential oils..


KEY OILS:Rose Geranium Oil -- Balances Mind & Body- Eases Stress, Anxiety, Depression & PMS symptoms - Helps to fade Scarring- Restores skin’s smoothness- Balance dry and oily skin, keeping it clear and supple- Helps Heal wounds & Fight InflammationLavender Oil & Rosewater -- Promotes sleep- Enhances Mood- Relaxes the nervous system 

KEY INGREDIENTS: Pink Himalayan SaltRelaxes Muscles- Detoxifies the body- Eases body aches and pains- Stimulates circulation- Clears sinuses- De-stresses the mind & body Epsom SaltsSoothes skin irritations & inflammation- Exfoliates skin to soften & smooth- Reduces body aches and pains- Magnesium Sulfate improves skins overall appearance

400G of Product 



How to: Add 35g of this Bath Soak to your Bath, wait a few moments for the salts to dissolve then bathe your troubles away!


Pure Epsom Salt, Magnesium Sulfate, Pink Himalayan Rock-salt,  Rich essential Oils & Dried Flora